Alternative Catching Fire Screenings in November

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With Catching Fire only two months away and advance tickets going on sale this October 1, many are getting ready to battle it out for their tickets to midnight, opening day or opening weekend tickets. However, come November, you may be finding yourselves at an entirely different kind of screening.

First off, be sure to check before buying tickets the rating to make sure that you’re allowed to watch it. Some countries have given the film a higher rating which restricts younger people from watching the film completely. The film has been rated PG-13 in the United States and an ‘M’ rating in Australia, which means anyone under 13 aren’t recommended to watch the film but can still go.

Lately, many films have been receiving early screenings, before midnight even at 7, 8 and 10PM to improve on early box office numbers. And that trend has continued onto Catching Fire. Many theaters will be offering tickets for people to watch Catching Fire at either 8PM, or at midnight. This gives a chance for students or workers to rest up early for the following day.

Along with the 8PM screenings are double features/marathons. Missed The Hunger Games when it was in theaters? Want to relive the experience on the big screen? You’ll be able to catch ‘The Hunger Games’ back in theaters in a marathon event before your Catching Fire screening depending on your theater, either at 5PM (with Catching Fire at 8PM) or at 9PM (with Catching Fire at midnight)

Lionsgate have yet to make an official announcement yet but are expected to very soon. Here are some of the participating theaters offering double screenings/early screenings that we know of so far (So far, only the US have been confirmed to have the early 8PM screenings):

Many theaters have yet to have announced their marathon/early screening details, but are expected to in the coming days before tickets go on sale. So tick tock, which screening will you be attending? Be sure to buy advance tickets on Oct 1 so we can break more records! :D