Catching Fire Official Score + Tracklisting Revealed


The Catching Fire score track listing was revealed today, and the album will be released on November 25, 2013. James Newton Howard is the music composer for the film, however we suspect a few other people may contribute onto the score. A few months ago, keen eyed fans found a database listing for a track called ‘We’re A Team’ written by Coldplay and James Newton Howard. Now it’s official that the track is part of the score.

Part of the score (which features a more amped up version of various tracks from the first film score) was also used in the recently released final trailer.

1. Katniss
2. I Had To Do That
3. We Have Visitors
4. Just Friends
5. Mockingjay Grafitti
6. The Tour
7. Daffodil Waltz
8. Waltz in A Op. 39, No. 15
9. Fireworks
10. Anthem
11. Peacekeepers
12. Prim
13. A Quarter Quell
14. Katniss Is Chosen
15. Introducing The Tributes
16. There s Always A Flaw
17. Bow And Arrow
18. We re A Team
19. Let s Start
20. The Games Begin
21. Peeta s Heart Stops
22. Treetops
23. The Fog
24. Monkey Mutts
25. Jabberjays
26. I Need You
27. Broken Wire
28. Arena Crumbles
29. Good Morning Sweetheart

UPDATE: Atlas is the first confirmed song to play during the ending credits after the film is over. ‘We’re A Team’, track #18 on the score, is a melody of ‘Atlas’ and was co-written by James Newton Howard and Coldplay.

  • Joe

    This is amazing!

    Just out of curiosity–where was this information released from? Did Lionsgate release this tracklist in an official statement? (Just looking to make sure it’s really real :P)

    • THGAustralia

      Amazon has the score up for sale right now.

      • Joe

        Awesome. Thank you!